Tribute to Loretta Thomson

Although the picturesque decor of the Annual Christmas Fantasy House lends a hand to the spirit of the season, the real charm of this event isn’t just ornamentation. The generosity and kindness of Loretta Thomson, a dedicated volunteer and longtime supporter of the American Cancer Society, can attribute to the winter wonderland effect. It was her goal to have a yuletide event committed to benefiting children who were ill or battling disease.

Thomson’s festive and unique collection of holiday decorations paired with her charitable character, created this Christmas staple in the greater Milwaukee area. Without Thomson’s drive and dream, this event may never have occurred. Her loving disposition for the happiness of others, especially children, during the Christmas season developed into a treasured occasion. Unfortunately, her untimely passing did not allow her to see her goal become a Christmas tradition. It is due to Loretta Thomson’s jubilant spirit and the devotion of those who share her dream, that each visitor to the House can become carried away with the wide-eyed wonderment of a child.

A large part of Thomson’s vision was to have the Christmas Fantasy House bring joy to children. The committee believes that our new partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities Eastern Wisconsin is one that Loretta would take great pride in.

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